When you’re looking to resurrect your love for the look of your home, an accent wall can be the perfect touch. It’s important, though, to put some thought into carefully selecting which wall to accent.

The best choice will be something that can make your décor pop, without overwhelming the design scheme as a whole. How can you accomplish that? This article is designed to help …

What Is An Accent Wall?

First, we’ll talk about exactly what an accent wall is. An accent wall is one that has been made to stand out in some interesting, artistic way. Often it is simply painted a different hue from the other walls in the room (a great chance to experiment with a bold colour).

However, more exciting possibilities include a vast range of eye-catching style variations — for example, stencils or the addition of texture via materials such as tile or wood.

In this article, we’ll be concentrating on using wood trim to create the accent. So before you get started with your redecoration project, let’s first discuss where to place your wall – and your trim or moulding – to achieve the best effect.

General Tips To Choosing An Accent Wall

Find Or Create A Focal Point

Remember, your accent wall is intended to stand out from the rest of the room. For that reason, selecting a wall that will be a natural focal point — for instance, the backdrop to a handsome fireplace — works well.

If there is no obvious focal point in your room, create one yourself, perhaps by positioning your new living room couch or an attractive array of potted plants in front of your accent wall-to-be.

Fit The Room’s Style

As with any decorative elements, a successful accent wall should fit in with the existing decor style of your room. Whatever your style personality may be — industrial chic, country cottage, 80s nostalgia (yes, it’s a thing!) – anything goes, as long as the interior design of the room feels consistent and comfortable.

Tips For Choosing An Accent Wall With Wood Trim

Decide What Type of Trim To Use

Wood trim and moulding come in many assorted forms. Crown moulding, baseboards, chair rails, board and batten, and wainscoting are a few perennial favourites. Choose an accent wall starring just one of these architectural features, or for increased drama, experiment with combining several types.

Select The Right Wood & Finishing

The kind of wood which you select is bound to become a distinctive component of your accent wall – after all, the purpose of an accent wall is to draw attention. Give careful thought to the colour and grain of the wood species you plan to use and how it will coordinate with the colour scheme already in your room. Look into our Oak Wood guides for detailed information on different wood species.

Alternatively, to showcase fine-wood trim or moulding, consider installing it atop plain white walls. Finish with a translucent stain that will let the natural beauty of your wood shine through.

Find Quality Natural Wood Trim

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Let’s talk about your accent wall project and how we can turn it into a beautiful reality.