The correct finishing is essential to the long lifetime of your door. A proper finish is what stands between you and future door problems. We can offer guidance or state of the art finishing for you. Avoid incorrectly finishing your solid wood, handcrafted product with our proven professional expertise.

We make use of a unique 4 step process that ensures deep colour and a UV resistance that is superior to the competition. As with all the details of your door, the choice of finish is yours. We can match to any specified stain or paint colour, and provide you with samples of your chosen stain on the selected wood species for your approval – prior to finishing.

For our in-house finishing process, we start by cleaning the door in our dust-free environment, and leaving the door to dry completely. We lightly sand between coats and verify that each layer is properly absorbed into the wood. Our finishing experts apply the proper stain or sealant to all six sides – including under the hinges, inside the openings for locks and handles, and under the sweeps. Your solid wood door is then wrapped with care, placed in our specially designed protective crating, and shipped.

Ask us to include finishing in your quote.

Did you know exterior wood doors require customer maintaining and refinishing once every 3-5 years? Learn about how to properly maintain your exterior wood door.