At Madawaska Doors, we sincerely care about the quality of our products. We’re continuously learning and perfecting our craft. One example of that is our new, high tech finishing booth installed right inside our factory.

Doing this allows us to control the entire supply line, making the door finishing process quicker, efficient and above all – superior. Giving us greater control and consistency over the quality and speed of the finishing process.

The old way of doing things required us to send our doors out to another company. This would extend delivery times making time management frustrating, and we couldn’t always guarantee the end product’s quality. For these reasons and more, we decided to do finishing the Madawaska Doors way.

Our New Process

Along with our new finishing booth, we’ve perfected a 4-coat process to prevent your custom solid wood door from blistering or peeling. Rather than chipping away, the finishing coats will wear away gradually, making it easier for our customers to apply refinishing coats years down the line without having to completely strip the old finish first.

We first start with a penetrating water-resistant coat. This finishing coat acts as a repellent against water and extends the durability of the wood. We then apply 3 colour coats to keep the colours consistent while protecting the wood with UV resistance.

Every piece of wood is unique so while we strive to create consistent colour the natural variability of the material shines through creating a look only a solid wood door can create.

Not only does this new finishing process stabilize and protect your new door but it also makes refinishing easier. When it comes time refinishing your door, you only need to apply a top coat rather than strip the old finish and administer multiple finishing coats.

Environmentally Friendly

We not only care about the quality of our finished products but we’ve always concerned ourselves with how we impact the environment. The finishing coats are all water-based. Why does this matter?

Water-based finishes contain way less solvent than traditional solvent-based finishes. The solvent acts as a pollutant. It is evaporated into the atmosphere and produces ground-level ozone. This has serious effects on human, animal and plant health.

Our new finishing booth is a sign for better things to come for Madawaska Doors. We’re continuously looking to improve our products, procedures and the way we conduct business. If you have any questions about our finishing process or anything wood related, give us a call at +1-800-263-2358.