At first, you might be attracted to 100% natural wooden interior or exterior doors simply because of their striking good looks. But their appeal is more than skin deep. Gorgeous solid wood doors add value to your home, as well.

Here are five ways replacing your old entries with high quality solid wood doors will add value to your home.

1. Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Nothing compares with real, solid wood when it comes to crafting a handsome door. Wood is fully customizable to create the design of your dreams and boost curb appeal. What’s more, your chosen wood species rich natural hue and elegant grain need only a light finish to complement their beauty.

Paired with solid wood casings and decorative trim, wood interior doors throughout your home will produce a harmonious effect that is truly outstanding.

2.  Enhanced Construction Quality

In addition to being naturally beautiful, hand-crafted wood doors add an architectural quality that is hard to describe — the house feels more solid and better built simply because the doors are heavy, solid wood.

If you intend to stay put for the foreseeable future, wood doors will enhance your enjoyment of your home sweet home. And when you plan to sell your house, attention to details such as quality doors tends to make your property stand out from the crowd and sell faster.

In fact, replacing existing doors with high-quality solid wood is a fast, easy, and convenient home improvement as compared to other popular projects (such as renovating a bathroom, for instance). Plus, there’s no permit required.

TIP: Make Sure to Maintain Your Door

As a material formed by nature, solid wood doors do require a bit of regular maintenance to keep them at their finest. This is especially true of exterior doors, which are constantly exposed to the elements in the form of UV rays, moisture, and extremes of temperature.

All doors from Madawaska Door & Trim come to you with the factory finish of your choice. To protect the wood from damage, refinish exterior wooden doors every 3-5 years. On interior solid wood doors, your stain, varnish, or paint will last much longer.

3.  Improved Energy Efficiency

Insulating your home is a fantastic step toward greater energy efficiency and home comfort (with the added benefit of lower utility bills!). Did you know that solid wood is a natural insulator? Due to their low conduction of heat, wood doors will help insulate your home and save energy in both summer and winter. This is particularly true of doors that have been expertly framed and hung.

4. Added Noise Resistance

In the same way that they insulate against heat transfer, well-made, professionally mounted solid wood doors also act as a barrier to block out noise.

How does that work? In low-end door installations, sound slips through gaps under the door or cracks between the door and its frame. Sometimes it even travels through the door itself – especially if we’re talking about a hollow-core or foam-filled type. By contrast, installing top-tier solid wood doors will eliminate these trouble spots and help to soundproof your home.

5. Heightened Home Security

Solid wood is a secure material for exterior doors. Wood is very strong; in particular, dense species like oak resist breakage by any means, even under extreme stress tests. Wood doors, both exterior entry and interior room doors, can also hold heavy locksets for extra home security.

At the same time, a secure wooden front door won’t look depressing, forbidding, or prison-like to your family and guests. All they will notice is the beautiful appearance of natural wood.

Madawaska Can Help Increase Your Home Value

Are you ready to replace your old doors with solid wood? We will be happy to talk with you and your architect about how to make your vision a beautiful reality.

Create custom wood doors that will best enhance your home, with the help of Madawaska’s expert advice and Old-World artisanship.