All merchandise must be visually inspected while the driver is present.

Make note of any damage to the packaging or product on the driver’s waybill when signing for your delivery.

Open the packaging and inspect the product to ensure no internal damage has occurred in the shipping process.

Verify that the product received is what you have ordered.

Re-wrap product once an inspection is complete.


Complaints must be noted on the carrier’s copy of the waybill to file a claim.

All complaints must be reported to Madawaska Door & Trim within 24 hours of receiving/refusing the merchandise or your warranty may be void.

Warranty service request form is mandatory for filing any claim and available at www.madawaskadoors.ca or call 1-800-263-2358.


  1. Any products kept for more than 72 hours unfinished will void the warranty.
  2. Handle with care (clean, dry hands & tools) and do not drag across floors or any other surfaces.
  3. Do not remove protective packaging or stile protectors until ready to fit, finish, & install the merchandise.
  4. Store in a horizontal position in an area that is flat, dry, & clean, climate-controlled (i.e. 60-75° F & 35-45% humidity), and away from direct heat & areas where drywall work, tile work or concrete work is being done.


Remove protective packaging and stile protectors only when ready to fit, finish, & install merchandise. 

All doors over 72″ (1829mm) must be hung with a minimum of 4 hinges.

Adhere to the following Maximum trimming allowances.

Fit unfinished door with hardware on and make certain everything functions properly.

Adjustments may be necessary and are normal.

After fitting the merchandise properly, remove the door from the frame and remove all hardware to allow for proper finishing.


If there is ANY problem found with any aspect of the door or system, DO NOT FINISH OR INSTALL. Call immediately at 1-800-263-2358. Please note Madawaska Doors is a manufacturer only, no on-site assistance is available and all repairs must occur at our facility.


The finishing step guards against sun and moisture damage, and must be followed to properly protect the door. Please note moisture refers to precipitation, and relative humidity If exposed to direct precipitation or sunlight, a storm door, overhang, or vestibule must be considered as added protection. In the absence of the above considerations, finishing must exceed these recommendations in order to ensure the door is better protected from the environment. 

  1. Cracking, warping, swelling, twisting, discoloured, or delamination caused by moisture/water infiltration, or sun damage is not warrantied.
  2. Place the door, sidelite, transom or frame on a flat, dry surface, and remove all hinges, locksets, sweeps, peepholes, mail slots, etc.
  3. Prep product for Finishing by sanding in the grain direction to remove undesirable machining marks, then mask all glass.
  4. Remove dust with a clean tack cloth.
  5. Ensure the floating panels are properly oriented.


We recommend PPG products for stain. We recommend using three coats of finish and a least one coat of UV protectant.

Ensure Professional finishers follow warranty instructions and be able to identify finishing products applied by manufacturer, brand, and model number. Please call Order Desk for advice if you are not certain that your finish will qualify for a warranty.

Three coats of finish must be applied to all six sides, including under hinges, inside the openings for locks and handles, and under sweeps. Don’t forget to finish backs of jambs if prehung, and under sills.

IMPORTANT: For exterior doors apply a 1/16th bead of clear sealant around perimeters of panels, or grooves on the exterior side. Apply a fine bead of sealant over any joint seam where moisture might enter. Designs #1005, #1007, & #2005 or panels incorporating these designs require a bead of sealant along the top, bottom and face of all grooves on the exterior side of the door.

Madawaska uses and recommends Lexel clear multipurpose sealant. A sealant is applied after the door has been stained, sealed and before the final coat. Do not use silicone products as a sealant.

After the finish has completely dried, re-install all hardware and hang your new Madawaska door! Remember to upkeep the finish and any compromise of the waterproof seal must be attended to immediately.


WOOD: when properly finished it may be cleaned using a damp cloth.

METAL PARTS: use a non-corrosive cleaner.

PANELS: they’re designed to “float” to accommodate naturally occurring shrinkage and expansion, this is not considered a defect. Some finish repair may be required as a result.

Each spring check for areas that may need to be lightly sanded and touched up to preserve the protective seal.

Any compromise of the waterproof door seal must be attended to immediately.

Periodic adjustments to your sweep may be necessary.

Failure to maintain the protective finish, and/or failure to prevent water and moisture infiltration will void the warranty. (See FINISHING PRODUCT Section).


Madawaska Door & Trim merchandise is guaranteed at the time of shipment, to be built to specifications, defect-free and operable under recommended usage.

The following characteristics are not defects:

  1. Natural glass blemishes such as bubbles, blisters, and other minor signatures that characterize Specialty Glass.
  2. Variations in the wood colour, stain and grain that are part of the beauty of natural solid wood.
  3. Panel alignment: Our panels are designed to “float” to accommodate naturally occurring shrinkage and expansion due to temperature change, and may be lightly tapped back into place (some re-finishing may be required).
  4. Edge glued components (a superior type of construction that helps to resist warping).
  5. Pin knots not exceeding 1/4″ (6mm) in diameter.
  6. Warps not exceeding 1/4″ (6mm) in any given section of the door is not considered a defect. CSA- S 3.1 defines “warp” as any distortion in the door itself, not its relation to the frame or jamb in which it is hung.

The following items are not covered by this warranty:

  1. Moisture damage (See FINISHING PRODUCT section regarding how to prevent moisture infiltration).
  2. Sun damage (See FINISHING PRODUCT section regarding U.V. Protection).
  3. Doors exposed to areas of high condensation such as Hot Tubs, Saunas and indoor pools.
  4. Hardwood storm doors (i.e. Designs in the 4000 series made from oak, maple, birch).
  5. Damage and/or defects caused by incidents beyond the control of Madawaska Doors.
  6. Madawaska Door & Trim merchandise which does not conform to the terms and conditions set out in this warranty.
  7. Any removal, refinishing, re-installation or similar expenses. Do not install if you have a problem with the product.
  8. The product must be finished within 72 hours of receiving or this will void the warranty.
  9. Please see FINISHING PRODUCT section for finishing stipulations

This warranty is effective for ONE YEAR from the date of shipment as recorded on the invoice, provided the product is in complete compliance with all terms and conditions contained herein. 

Warranty replacements and/or repairs are warrantied from the date of the original purchase only. For assistance with problems occurring outside the warranty period, submit a claim for goodwill consideration.


All Warranty product returns must adhere to the Madawaska Door & Trim policy.

Warranty Service Requests are handled by the Order Desk at 1-800-263-2358.

Mandatory in the Product Return process is the full completion of the Warranty Service Request Form by the Purchasing Entity.

Please ensure the provision of finishing/installation information and/or photos as per instructions or claim processing may be delayed.

Shipping arrangements made without the prior agreement of Madawaska Door & Trim may result in shipment refusal.

Madawaska Door & Trim will only pay for pre-authorized third party repairs. Such agreements will be made in writing.

Madawaska Door & Trim reserves the following rights:

  1. To inspect merchandise via submitted photographs before it is returned for consideration of repair and/or credit.
  2. To speak directly with the end-user (homeowner) on Warranty issues.
  3. To only accept returned merchandise that was authorized, packaged and shipped as instructed by Madawaska Doors.
  4. Madawaska Door & Trim is not responsible for shipping returns, or freight for any and all returns. Unless pre-authorized by Madawaska doors.
  5. To apply a restocking charge in instances where the return was not due to a manufacturing defect.

It is the Dealer’s responsibility to perform investigations into warranty claims and maintain contact with the customer. Madawaska Door owners should report concerns to their Dealer.

Madawaska Door & Trim does not perform on-site service and any repairs will occur at our manufacturing facility. 


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